Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How To Right a Wrong

When it comes to modifying a car, there is a set way that people seem to think cars should and should not be built. As fads come and go, this mentality of right and wrong within the masses shifts from one presently hip thing to do and on to the next.

Because of this conformist nature that exists within the car scene, most gatherings and events are filled with a sea of cars done up the same way... There may be different sects or brand owners that will feel differently than others, but for the most part this uniformity exists across the board. I personally try my hardest to break free of this, and build cars that stir the pot, or incorporate things from several facets of car culture worldwide. And I love to see others push the limits on what is right or wrong, and do outlandish things with their cars. Anything to stir the pot, and create a sense of individualism.

It is because of this that I have come to love this car... It isn't sitting on the most expensive wheels, it isn't the craziest car, the fastest, or the most hellahyphyflush. It is simple, but at the same time over the top. Refined to the casual observer, but to anyone who knows the car or sees it in action, it is a menace of the streets.

It's basic upgrades consist of Bilstein coilovers, a rollbar, Buddy club buckets, a Supersprint exhaust, Some VMR wheels, and a few simple cosmetic touches. That coupled with the fact that the car is completely gutted out from the front seats back, and the Supersprint exhaust was hacked up and turned into a straightpipe completely changes the dynamic of the car.

This is in essence, everything that you shouldn't do to an M3. It's loud, void of the majority of the luxury it once had, and just about everything done to it would be more at home on a 240 or a honda. But perhaps everything that's "wrong" with this car is exactly what makes it so right.

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