Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Soviet Missle

Some of you may know Ilia... He was the man behind this automotive masterpiece:

However, upon totaling that car, it seemed something changed within our good friend Ilia. We found him buying a new shell with all sorts of fancy race-ready upgrades. He was ordering proper wheels in large sizing. He even went so far as to not only buy aero, but paint it too! Some might wonder why someone would put so much work into an NA rotary, but do not try to understand. The only explanation is that it's Ilia, and Russia doesn't care.

LS13 Silvia... Hot Sex

Matt was hard at work all winter turning an already outrageous car into something just that much better... Starting with a car that was already sporting an LS1/LS2 (can't remember), Silvia front, ZG flares with XD-9's and 295's underneath them, he set out to get a few steps closer to his view of perfection. The car recieved sideskirts cut for the side exit exhaust, a rear diffuser, a fresh two-tone paint job, and the entire front end was reinforced and tube-framed... The sticker on the rear window says it all:


Been forever since I updated... I picked up an SC300 a while back. Turbo'd, slammed, threw on my AME's, then the motor started giving me trouble, which I should have seen coming with 160k miles on it, haha. I spent the last month swapping in a newer 2JZ-GE, and finally got it running last week:

Then immediately did a little bit of this: