Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fluid Motor Union Shop Tour

I've been admiring the work that Fluid Motor Union has been doing for a while now, and earlier this week I finally got a chance to make it out to their shop with a buddy who was dropping his car off... I didn't really plan on taking a ton of pictures, as is evident by my lack of equipment, poor lighting conditions, and dirty cars. However, the guys at the shop seemed just as excited that I was taking pictures of the cars as I was to be taking them.

When I rolled up I saw a clusterfuck of cool cars, here's a few at a quick glance.

I'm sure everyone has either seen this 7 series around at meets, shows, or in magazines, this thing has been getting well deserved coverage all over the place.

Bagged M35 on what looked like lock smices... The car is owned by someone that works at the shop, and was not really in order for pictures with the front bumper being off and the lines for the suspension frozen with the car up in the air, but it's still stylish.

Around the shop were a few things you don't see everyday... A 190E getting a crazy motor build.

Custom CNC'd adapters to fit ITB's and stacks on cars that didn't come with them.

Bike work, the far one is getting a custom exhaust, while the one in front is seeing a full race build.

The standard viper powered Ram wasn't enough for you? This GT42r powered one is being built and sent out to its owner in I believe Qatar... Dyno video coming soon.

This Genesis rolling into the dyno room is the nicest one I've seen in person to date. Matte white paint, properly stanced on some all black eurolines, and I'm told its got a little power to go along with it (no surprise with these guys).

Outside, this M3 was on point in every way. Air suspension, Rays wheels, molded Vorsteiner lip, and the usual FMU ITB velocity stack setup... The black and silver theme on this car was definitely doing it for me.

Open up the door to another one of their work bays and find this... This M coupe has had me drooling since I first saw it at HIN a couple years back. I don't even think anything needs to be said about this thing.

Those of you who went to D1 Chicago probably got to see this thing hanging out with the 7 series. As with most of these cars, stance is everything. This car proves that with the only exterior touches being a big drop and widened stock wheels.

Cold weather and antsy friends cut this short, but I'm definitely hoping to shoot some more of these guy's work in the future... And be sure to check out them and their shop.

Fluid Motor Union

10131 Clow Creek Dr.
Plainfield, IL 60585
Phone: (630) 946-0166
Fax: (630) 946-0170

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snow, Night, and a Freshly Swapped E30

Omar has been hard at work swapping an S52 into his E30 BMW... He's been bugging me for pictures since he got it up and running, but by the time we met up for pictures snow had fallen, and the car was parked for some more work. We took it and rolled with it; we wiped the snow off, busted out the space heater, and snapped a few shots.

24/7... 365... This car stays looking proper.

Whether there's rain, sleet, snow, salt, or sub-zero temperatures, this car is driven just as you see here... Jordan is a dying breed of people that will not only build a legit car and use it, but daily drive it too.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Making Up For Lost Time Pt. 2

Another photo update of my personal cars... The IS was looking all clean and pretty since it got a new version select front bumper and the front dropped a bit.

A few weeks later winter weather started coming, and the car started going into winter mode... First with a change in bumper.

Then into full winter battle mode.

A shot from the last of my days hanging out in the garage before winter... Progress on the SC is steady, should be looking proper and tandem ready for next season.

A couple shots from a meet back in September. This was the first time the SC really started looking proper. On to bigger and better things for next year.