Monday, March 29, 2010

I Get Toed Up Under City Lights

After a low key meet and some grubbing with some of the guys from D*Squad we decided to snap a few decent progress shots of their cars as they got closer to being ready for paint... Instead of just walking outside and taking a few shots on the street, why not drive a block over and take in advantage of one of the best views in the city?

Stay tuned for updates on these cars post-paint, dressed to impress.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

IND Silver Standard Pt. 2

About a year ago I got the opportunity to photograph and IND project E93 that redefined clean. Last week I got called back out to reshoot it after getting a little boost under the hood. ESS superchargers seem to be becoming the norm, and whether you want a clean and simple setup, or something overtop and outrageous, IND has you covered.

Tuck Hard

Meeting up late at night for a small photoshoot in the north suburbs of Chicago is a much more difficult task than one would think... On the way to meet Fisher and his pristine GTI I was pulled over for touching a yellow line, and 2 more cops came as backup before I was let go. While we were taking picture in this small town, a cop rolled through and asked us what we were doing, gave us a little bit of a hard time, and went on his way. Next, another cop rolled in and told us we had to leave immediately or we'd be towed for being parked on city streets after 2am. Finally when we made it to the gas station to finish off the set, it started pouring rain.

And while none of that really has anything to do with this car, the car itself, and the shots the came out of all of this nonsense were well worth the trouble.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Roll That Coke White Carpet to the Hood

IND gets a lot of nicely modded new BMW's coming through the shop, but rarely do I get to see a track-prepped e46 and super clean e30 m3 come by. To top it all off, both of these cars are owned by the same guy.

It definitely wasn't great conditions for a photoshoot with the little bit of sunlight there was glaring off the snow, but the blinding white-out of awesome bmw and snow is sure to impress?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Backyard Throwdown

I remember back in the days when I skated, no matter how much fun I had at a skatepark, it was never the same as skating spots on the street... Naturally when T2 told me to come out and snap some pictures of him and his buddies snowboarding at a 1/4 they made, I had to come check it out... If not to see some crazy tricks, then to see someone eat it on a janky jump.

Just as I suspected, the build of the 1/4 pipe was questionable at best, but these guys were throwing down like it was nothing.

Seek Shelter

Clean cars, dirty cars, builds in progress, daily drivers. Doesn't matter what you're driving, just come out and chill... 30 degree weather was just enough to get people to bring their cars out, but the wind kept us all underground.