Monday, January 18, 2010

Densetsu Motorsports Genesis

A clean Genesis, a sunset, and the New Mexican landscape... Does it get any better?

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Every now and then you see a car at a glance or in a picture, and you're drawn to it, this car was no different. Prior to my trip Arizona this month I went cruising through local Arizona forums looking for cars to set up photoshoots with. I came across one small picture of this car and I knew I had to see it in person. So I made a call to a friend and it turned out he knew the owner.
The second this thing pulled up I was just in awe of it. It's not the craziest car, and it's not the cleanest, but it has an amazing aura... The stance, the wheel color, the hood, and the used and abused look of the car command attention. Whether or not you can appreciate the style of this car, it's impossible to deny how mean the car looks from behind with the 295s stretched on 18x12 JLines.