Friday, October 29, 2010

StanceWorks Feature: Between Gods and Superheroes

From time to time when photographing cars you get to see things that you just can't help but take time aside from the camera to stare at... This car was one of those things.

It's rare to see a well done mercedes in this area, let alone one with this much presence to it. Thanks to Kamil for letting me shoot the car, and to StanceWorks for featuring the shots. Check out the full feature here:

Midwest Treffen 2010

If there's one thing I love more than going to meets and track events with the usual suspects, it's exploring other aspects of car culture that I don't normally get to see or even know about for that matter... I've never been big on VWs, but I've always admired the style. Here are a few things that grabbed my attention at this year's Midwest Treffen.

IND Mashup

I haven't been doing too good of a job of keeping up to date on some of the work I've done for IND as of late. The flow of E9x's getting pumped out of there seems to be never-ending, and that means lots of photos. All three of these projects were completed within a hectic two weeks at the shop.

The Silver E90 seen here came all the way from Ontario, Canada for the IND exterior touch. The Black widebody 1 series, which belongs to his brother, was driven down to Chicago to pick up the E90 and to get some tweaks of its own... Keeping it in the family has never looked so good.

This little trio of cars was brought together by the rare opportunity of having two space gray E9x's in the shop at the same time. A customer's classy E90 had just been completed, and the arrival of the Challenge E92 could only mean that a shoot had to go down... And what would make a better camera car than the IND E60 M5.

Another customer from Canada brought this individual Moonstone E90 in to get a refreshed look while retaining a simple and stock look. The fact that he came all the way from Canada's north speaks volumes about IND's work, widespread appeal, and customer satisfaction. It is seldom that an automotive business will get any business from so far away, let alone three cars from out of the country within two weeks. IND is constantly stepping up their game and proving that they are second to none.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Wonder Where That Fish Did Go... A Fish, A Fish, A Fishy OOHHHHHHH.

A few months back I featured Fisher's Bagged MKV GTI, and while no one would argue it isn't a cool car, I didn't tell the full story. It just so happens that in addition to that car he has a plethora of other choice rides at his disposal... From a GRB STI to a S14 even a badass ruckus, if he has it, you probably want to drive it.

If you thought the exterior of this MKV was clean, see what's hiding under all that tint... A removable in-dash iPad, classy trunk setup, and more suede than you can shake a stick at (who says that anymore?).

And the mother of all Ruckus builds... Opting to steer clear of the norm, a 180cc Yamaha engine was swapped in here, and the frame extended to house it. It's frightening to think that this thing goes well over 70mph. Stay tuned for more on this build and some of his other creations.

OH My God! It's Jackie Chan!

Clean and simple always goes a long way for me, and this car is no exception... I've seen plenty of E9x's resting on 20 inch wheels, but until I saw this setup I don't think I had seen it executed properly. The body still has some room to go down, but with the wheels nearly tucking at static height, what's the point in going beyond functionally low?

Top down livin makes this car even more appealing in terms of fun factor. Looking and sounding the part also couldn't hurt the allure of this thing.

Hanging out with the shitbox:

A little after shooting the car we headed out to Chicago Performance Tuning to dyno test the gains on his new Macht Schnell intake... Being one of the first cars to be outfitted with this intake, we were surprised to see it make nearly 10whp. Not bad for a cheap intake on an M car.

It Ain't a Tight Car if it Ain't a Type R

Anytime Scott is in town a good time is a sure thing. On 4th of July weekend he came back from Cali, and dusted off his R for ITR Expo. Even though I showed up late on the last day and Scott had already called it quits, my plans to come out shoot the shit, and bother people while they attempted to work on their cars was a sucess... As usual the camera made a brief appearance to capture the man:

The myth:

And some other random crap that caught my eye:

I took more, but being backed up as usual means the rest have taken a backseat to more pertinent work... Of course, if anyone wants more shots from this outdated event I'll be happy to ablige.