Friday, October 29, 2010

IND Mashup

I haven't been doing too good of a job of keeping up to date on some of the work I've done for IND as of late. The flow of E9x's getting pumped out of there seems to be never-ending, and that means lots of photos. All three of these projects were completed within a hectic two weeks at the shop.

The Silver E90 seen here came all the way from Ontario, Canada for the IND exterior touch. The Black widebody 1 series, which belongs to his brother, was driven down to Chicago to pick up the E90 and to get some tweaks of its own... Keeping it in the family has never looked so good.

This little trio of cars was brought together by the rare opportunity of having two space gray E9x's in the shop at the same time. A customer's classy E90 had just been completed, and the arrival of the Challenge E92 could only mean that a shoot had to go down... And what would make a better camera car than the IND E60 M5.

Another customer from Canada brought this individual Moonstone E90 in to get a refreshed look while retaining a simple and stock look. The fact that he came all the way from Canada's north speaks volumes about IND's work, widespread appeal, and customer satisfaction. It is seldom that an automotive business will get any business from so far away, let alone three cars from out of the country within two weeks. IND is constantly stepping up their game and proving that they are second to none.

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