Thursday, October 28, 2010

OH My God! It's Jackie Chan!

Clean and simple always goes a long way for me, and this car is no exception... I've seen plenty of E9x's resting on 20 inch wheels, but until I saw this setup I don't think I had seen it executed properly. The body still has some room to go down, but with the wheels nearly tucking at static height, what's the point in going beyond functionally low?

Top down livin makes this car even more appealing in terms of fun factor. Looking and sounding the part also couldn't hurt the allure of this thing.

Hanging out with the shitbox:

A little after shooting the car we headed out to Chicago Performance Tuning to dyno test the gains on his new Macht Schnell intake... Being one of the first cars to be outfitted with this intake, we were surprised to see it make nearly 10whp. Not bad for a cheap intake on an M car.

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