Friday, October 8, 2010

2010 Redline Time Attack at Autobahn

The day after shooting the Green Hell E92 at Autobahn was the 2010 Redline Time Attack. I didn't really show up with any agenda of shooting, or a lens long enough for decent panning shots of the track, but no sense in going to an event like this with a camera and not snapping off a few pictures.

Ryan Gates' Evo X is always sitting proper, and being driven just as well, definitely one of my favorite time attack cars.

Is it a rule that photographers have to have cool cars? Here's Chris Sullivan from CRS Photo's Daily E36.

Nick Weir's Seen It! S2000 looking good in the pits... It's still show stoppin even after being driven to cali and back.

The Green Hell E92 in full battle mode after the decision was made the day before to come back and compete... After the event this car went straight back to daily driving duties.

Yes that is a car stuck on a guardrail. Yes it is a minivan. And yes, it does have a full cage and Mazdaspeed3 power plant.

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