Monday, October 4, 2010

Know Your Roots

From the very beginning of my interest in cars started with hondas... Everything from Wagovans to EKs to DB8s even Odysseys, I love them all. While things like RWD and Honda theft have detered me from owning any more of them, it always makes me happy when I get to shoot a well put together honda, or two for that matter.

Take for example Mike's TSX and Clive's EP3 Civic. Mike's TSX had been catching my eye more and more with it's clean and subtle lines combined with some unique touches.

The colgate green combined with very well done graf work really makes the bay pop.

In contrast to the sleek TSX, Clive has a nice and simple civic that gets down when he plants the gas. I've known Clive since years back when I lived in Arizona, and it's nice to see this car still going strong and now cruising the streets of Chicago.

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