Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Wonder Where That Fish Did Go... A Fish, A Fish, A Fishy OOHHHHHHH.

A few months back I featured Fisher's Bagged MKV GTI, and while no one would argue it isn't a cool car, I didn't tell the full story. It just so happens that in addition to that car he has a plethora of other choice rides at his disposal... From a GRB STI to a S14 even a badass ruckus, if he has it, you probably want to drive it.

If you thought the exterior of this MKV was clean, see what's hiding under all that tint... A removable in-dash iPad, classy trunk setup, and more suede than you can shake a stick at (who says that anymore?).

And the mother of all Ruckus builds... Opting to steer clear of the norm, a 180cc Yamaha engine was swapped in here, and the frame extended to house it. It's frightening to think that this thing goes well over 70mph. Stay tuned for more on this build and some of his other creations.

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