Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wade Customs Shop Tour

Photoset #2 from my trip to Arizona brings you something a little different than I usually post... A friend of mine who was well aware of my love for old school cars, custom fab work, and anything slammed to the ground, insisted that I come check out his friend Mike's shop. All of the mechanical work, body work, and fabrication work are done in house, and as you can see not only do they do great work, but there is also no shortage of creativity here.

The first thing I saw when I walked in the shop was this 1940 Ford farmtruck that was just starting to come together. They started with just the cab of the truck, amd everything else was built around it or sourced from another car. Even the frame itself was built from scratch

The seats for this car are courtesy of a WWII bomber... They fit a theme that Mike intends to carry out with this car, and they're surprisingly comfy.

A bagged and body dropped Taco sat on the other end of the shop. At a shop like this it's always the little details that make the cars stand out, and this thing was no different. A front emblem off of a cressida, complete custom rear end, a gold pearl dash and black woodgrain inside, and shaved and molded bed/cover exposing all the metal work beneath all give this thing a unique touch.

Mike's personal build is a 51 Pontiac. In addition to the usual crazy paint and body work that this thing will one day see, the rear of the car is bagged, and the rear of the roof is chopped in from another car to provide the right rake.

The Ford got rolled outside for a better look, and to make room to get Mike's Harley out of the shop. I'm not really much of a harley fan, but I have to hand it to the guy, this thing was all kinds of cool.

In the back corner of the shop was some parts and projects waiting to come together.

A little bit of Mike's personality graced the walls of the shop as well.

In general, personality was one thing that this shop was not lacking... I'm glad I got a chance to check this place out, and I look forward to going back one day and seeing not only the progress on these projects, but also what he'll do next.