Friday, January 30, 2009

Getting Away From The Cold Part 3... Chillin Out Maxin, Relaxin All Cool

Right before the trip I picked up a fisheye lens that ended up seeing a lot more use than I thought it would... Here are a series of pictures from the trip when I was just loungin' around with the fisheye:

Meet the saddest dog on earth:

Keeping me going on those long afternoons, haha:

People in Arizona wear their hoods at night because they think its cold... haha:

Whataburger... While Chicago is known for it's food, I always find myself missing places in AZ:

Hanging out with some friends, relaxing, smoking some hookah... Who could ask for more than good people and good times?

Fisheye portraits.... Fuckin' goofy:

Carsey's FD... So hot right now. We just sat out enjoying the weather and staring at it:

Cruising Tucson streets in a benzo:

It almost looks like they know what they're doing doesn't it... They're very tricky like that:

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