Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting Away From The Cold Part 4... Park's M3

To most people the M3 (especially E46 and newer) is a classy car, a businessman's sportscar if you will. To my friend Park it's not unlike any other car we build; it's built to be beaten to hell, while still serving daily driving duties... Most would call what he's done to this car blasphemy, but after driving this thing through some twisties I can only describe it as bliss... The PSS9's and non-staggered R-Compounds made this thing stick to the road so hard that I couldn't even come close to finding its limit, and the rasp of the Meisterschaft titanium exhaust through the gutted rear of the car sounded nothing short of orgasmic. Not to mention looking in the rearview and seeing the kirk racing roll bar felt very awkward knowing that I was cruising the streets in a luxury sportscar. Sadly, just a week after I left town his new buckets came in, I can only imagine what it's gonna feel like ripping through turns without sliding around on the stock leathers.

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